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Earth-Day Charity Projects: Target £6k

The CATH Day Centre is a “drop-in” service, where individuals can come for help and support with any number of issues not only homelessness or risk of homelessness. Frequently people who might find it difficult to access services elsewhere. We plan to use the money we raise to help the homeless and vulnerable build self esteem through litter picking around the town with our eco volunteers and people in the positive revolution who want to help make this the fairest city in Scotland.
If we sell out the event we will raise up to £4000 in ticket sales and might double this with additional donations and fund raising on the night. The funding can cover high vis jackets and other essentials, support the literacy team and provide incentives for homeless volunteers etc. We will report back on in  & at next event.
Churches Action for the Homeless (CATH) continues to be a local charity which supports, encourages and promotes the development and delivery of services to alleviate and prevent homelessness, and address the issue of poor housing. Like the four Founding Mothers before us CATH seeks to work with others to improve the circumstances faced by people challenged by homelessness in all its forms in the Perth & Kinross Council area.
Note Nature is watching.
The Permaculture Africa Centre has been set up by Paul following training in Uganda by one of the leading permaculture experts in Wales. It is a community hub in Homa Bay in Kenya and we have spent the last 3 months supporting the centre in developing their projects. We are seeking funding for three projects: Solar lamps for families to help the children do their homework without an expensive dangerous paraffin light, English, Maths, Env studies and Swahili each system costs $60 dollars and allows the kids to spend 2-3hours studying. They promise to send us a report on the difference you make at our next event.
Before kids use kerosene lamps as fuel costs increase the have to use paraffin candles and struggle more yet a solar system provides all the light they need and even charge a mobile phone so they can tell us how they are getting on and send us some stories and drawings too.
The other projects are for permaculture gardens 2 raised beds per family. But most importantly they need to get donkeys for $200 each so they can collect water from the river which otherwise means they have to waste 3-6 hours a day just collecting water due to climate change. A donkey and cart will save at least 14 people doing this individually all women and children who could be gardening or at school. We will report back on the project and the donkeys in the future.
Fife Zoo focuses on a small collection of rescued and surplus animals from other zoos. They have a range of iconic species from Meerkats to Ayatollah Monkeys, Lemurs and Porcupines to Marmosets and a very rare zebra. The zoo had a catastrophic fire due to a poorly installed solar PV system prior to Lockdown and have had to spend all their savings keeping the animals and zoo afloat. They need help in developing their animal enclosures and doing more education work on the issues affecting Africa and wildlife as well as developing the meeting and education centre.
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